Winds      of       Vision  

                         Winds of Vision

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 I have been reading tarot for 30 yrs it is one of my strongest gifts. . I use the cards and intuition to gain insight. I give intuitive advice based on what the reading tells me . I am able to keep a neutral perspective when issues are addressed. I truly enjoy using the cards. I use  the relationship I have with the cards, to show me your story and my job is to interpret the message and be the storyteller.

 To get an idea of what a deck of Tarot Cards look like there are albums below with each suite and major arcana. The deck shown is the Rider Waite deck. It is the deck I use.

Major Arcana
The twenty two cards of the Major Arcana are numbered from 0 - XXI. The sequence can be seen as a quest for self knowledge ; alongside the individual meanings of the cards, the major arcana cards that we draw in a reading are indicative of a stage in our thinking and spiritual development.

Cups are the Element of Water. They represent the Season of Summer. They are the Embodiment of Our Emotions.

Pentacles are the Element of Earth. They represent the Season of Fall. They are the Embodiment of Our Sensations.

Swords are the Element of Air. They represent the Season of Winter. They are the Embodiment of Our Thoughts.

Wands are Element of Fire, They represents the season of Spring. And They are the Embodiment of Our Intuition.

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