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Hello I am Stefanie, I would like to Thank You for visiting. I built this site and do this work because I have a deep love for Tarot and helping people in need of direction. I have been reading Tarot for about 30 yrs over that time I have learned a lot about myself and my gifts. I developed a meditation practice that assisted me in developing the gifts I do have. The discipline of meditation has helped me as a reader and allows me the ability to give whatever message G-d has for the person I am reading. I am grateful that I get to do this work and I enjoy doing it. I love watching the person I am working with grow and develop in their lives, watching the manifestation of their goals. I am given the gift of watching it has it happens. My goal is to assist people through the difficult issues in their lives, provide a Loving, Caring environment to promote Healing and Balance, as well as giving Guidance when needed. Together we can travel down the path of Self Discovery, something we all face on our path to improve our lives. Please feel free to leave me a message at anytime, (please fill out the form below.) If you are satisfied with the services offered please spread the word and tell your friends.


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