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This is going to be an explanation of how I do a reading so you understand what I do.

Every reader reads differently, we are not all the same, we do not all have the same gifts, they are unique to us and how we receive the information, how we process and then interpret what message we are given.

I like to start with the Life Path reading and here's why.

The life path reading gives me a sense of who you are, where you are in your life and anything that G-d wants you to focus on, I do not address direct questions because I have found that it may or may not answer those questions, but you will get the message G-d has for you and what your focus needs to be on.

When I shuffle the cards I ask G-d what message He has for you but also for Him to show me who you are.

There is another aspect to my reading, the only thing I need when I read for you is your first name.

I do not want any more information than that. If I do ask a question, I ask for a yes or no answer, no elaboration.

If you are giving me information I am NOT reading you. And if I do my job right I should be able to see you and your life clearly without any help from you.

When I read I see movement of energy, whats coming in, whats going out.

When I see difficulties in a reading I know that this information is given to guide, assist, and prepare you for that cycle when it comes. It gives us the ability to find solutions to the issues that come up.

No reading is all bad sometimes we just need a different perspective. Nothing is set in stone things can and do change. How that change happens depends on how you accept and act on the information given.

My only job is to relay the information, it is for you to act upon.

Like I said every reader is different this is the way I read.

With my readings come a few things like a commitment from me you help you no matter what is going on, I am available to talk to, if you need to vent or bounce ideas off of someone, that is what I am here for.

I am here to teach you how to heal yourself, how to love yourself, to guide you and give the best advice that I can. Every tool on this site is something I use in my daily life.

The mantras I do daily, I meditate once a week using the Chakra meditation.

I do like anyone I work with to meditate, all the meditations on the site are free to use I will also email you meditations if you'd like, that comes as part of the reading.

Please know that every tool on this site has gotten me to where I am and if I do my job right you will find the answers to your questions through prayer and meditation.

I give you the tools it is your job to use them.

I enjoy working with new clients and developing relationships with them.

I enjoy the clients that I've had for years.

I love the work I do and I am very fortunate and honored that you put your trust in me.

That is not taken lightly, also I do not discuss anything that goes on in a reading to anyone, you have my complete confidence. I look forward to working with you and building a relationship. ~Stefanie~