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I offer a service for a Broken Down Reading and Picture sent in email. (Comes as part of the Reading)

Individual Readings

$65 USD

Life Path,

Sages Eye,

Timeline (6 Months orTwelve Months)

Mirror Relationship,

Love Path,

Soul Mate,

Business Readings




All Reflective Readings, 

Health Reading.

Home Apothecary Boxes

Protection, Cleansing, and Sealing Boxes for Your Home.

Home Apothecary Boxes

Visit Page for Description)

Individual Cleansing or Protection Boxes $ 70 USD

Combined Cleansing and Protection Box $110 


Two Reading Package

$125 USD

Three Reading Packages $175 USD

(Any Three Readings)

Two-Person Reading Package 130.00 USD

(Any Reading) (One Reading Per Person)(Comes with Breakdown)

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