Winds      of       Vision  

                         Winds of Vision

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You can purchase the meditations individually for $5.00 usd each.
The Chakra meditation is $15.00 usd.
If you would like to purchase all six of the meditation it is $25.00 usd  .
For All of the meditations plus the chakra meditation is $35.00 usd.

Meditative Breathing 5.00 usd

Light and Balance  5.00 usd

Energy Meditation 5.00 usd

The Lotus Flower 5.00 usd

The Fire Meditation 5.00 usd

The Pond Meditation 5.00 usd

Elemental Chakra 15.00 usd

All Six Meditation 25.00 usd

All Six Meditations Plus The Elemental Chakra 35.00 usd

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