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My goal is to teach and educate you about meditation. I have been meditating for several years. I discovered meditation came naturally to me as I began my own practice. Through various methods I have learned and developed skills of meditation, also focusing and developing forms of meditative healing.

Various methods of meditation I have studied, taught and practiced are Chakra and Kundalini energy Meditation. Meditations I have developed are the Elemental Chakra , the Lotus Flower, Light and Balance meditation . all meditations were designed for healing as well as self focus, balancing our emotions, and grounding ourselves.

The meditations are one's that I have created over the years.

I have provided these guided meditations to help you learn to meditate and to learn how vital meditations is to our spiritual practice.

Meditation gives us the ability to tune into ourselves, helps us recognize the inner voice that we all have, it gives us the ability to grow spiritually as well as giving us the ability to learn to calm ourselves when we are in a difficult situation.

By using these meditations a few times a week you will notice the improvement of your spiritual health.

The guided meditations are a starting platform in developing your own practice. They will also help you gain the discipline you need in order to develop a strong base so that in time meditation becomes easier.

Please remember that meditation is a practice that it takes time to develop. However long it takes you to develop a steady practice is up to you.

Meditation is meant for you to enjoy. Remember to take your time, what works for you may not work for another and vice versa.

Please use the meditations as often as you like. 

Click on the Image below to go to the Winds of Vision SoundCloud for the Meditations.

Click on Image Below for Instructions on how to Use the Meditations on Soundcloud and a break down of the Chakra

I would also ask that you leave me a note telling me which ones you found most useful and how your practice has grown as you use them. Please fill out the form letting me know which Meditations you used and what your experience was when you used them.

I hope that you will gain what you are looking for through this practice, that you reap the rewards of spiritual growth and a calm and balanced spirit through the use of meditation.

I offer Private Meditation Instruction. The session will be about an hour long.

A private session is 45.00 USD ( to pay go to the payments page of the website.)

If Paying through the website Please do not pay for session until day of appointment.


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