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I have found a very important tool to the development of self love and the unconditional love of others. Mantras.

These are mantras that I use and have used in my journey of self discovery and self love, I recite them daily, they are life changing.

Write them down and post them somewhere, where you will see them a few times a day. Each time you see them say them to yourself three times. Once you've memorized them you can say them to yourself when you are having a difficult time. They do help.

Self Love Mantra By Justin Blackburn

Taken from a poem he wrote.

My Soul has important information

My soul wants to let me know

I am completely beautiful in every way

anytime I think otherwise I am making it up.

I am loved fully by myself at every moment

anytime I feel otherwise I am making it up in my mind.

Loving Kindness Mantra

Taken from the book Loving Kindness

by Sharon Salzberg

May I be free from danger

May I have mental happiness

May I have physical happiness

May I have the ease of well being.

You may also speak this into the lives of others by saying

"May They Be"

There is a challenge, by speaking this mantra into the lives of people you have difficulty with, it can change the way you deal with them as well as your outlook and theirs.

Another Self Love Mantra the author is Unknown

I am strong standing in my personal power today.

I am worthy of being loved, respected and listened too.

I am proud, confident and happy with myself.

I deserve and accept the life I dream of.

I choose to move forward in life.

Affirmations for healing your heart chakra.

I am loved.

I forgive naturally and easily.

I give and receive love freely.

My heart is full.

I welcome the difference of others.

It is my nature to heal.

I have so much to be grateful for.

The love that I give comes back to me many times over.

I am at peace.

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