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Meditation Instructions and Chakra Breakdown

Instructions for Meditative Breathing ​

The meditation is 19 minutes long. pick two days a week, and a time on those two days to do the meditation. it works better if you do the meditation two days a week on a regular schedule. you are trying to turn meditation into a habit. so, the same time and day every week helps in making meditation a habit. you only need to do the meditation two days a week however if you want to do it more you can. ​

What you will develop: the longer you do the meditation the breath will automatically kick in when you become stressed. you'll know how to breathe in order to calm down and the breath refocuses your attention and energy and helps your body to release the stress you are under. again, making the meditation a habit will then form a habit in you and the breath will be something that you start to unconsciously do when you become stressed. ​

The breath can become a thing of comfort, knowing that you can breathe through any difficulty you may have, it also clears your mind helps you to stay focused on whatever task you are doing, it can also act as a tool of relaxation to help you clear your mind before you sleep. meditation has a lot of really great benefits I meditate all the time it helps me work, it helps me relax and it helps me calm down if I get overwhelmed. I've made meditation a habit and I reap the benefits of that habit all the time. meditation is something that helps you connect with yourself to your higher consciousness. ​

I really enjoy meditating and I look forward to it. I hope you do too. :)​

The Pond Meditation Instructions​

The Pond meditation is a visualization meditation.​

The meditation is 20 minutes long.​

The Meditation is a pond and waterfall in the middle of the forest. This is a meditation that is for recharging and clearing your energy and emotions. It is literally like a mini-vacation. You can do this meditation whenever you want as many times as you want. ​

Chakra Meditation Instructions​

Read the chakra documents so you understand all aspects of the chakra. ​

The Chakra breakdown read it so you have an understanding of the chakra before you do the meditation. ​

Do the meditation once a week. Pick a day and time every week to do the meditation so build the habit of meditation.​

You will need up to an hour and a half. the meditation can be very emotional. it may cause you to be uncomfortable but that will only be the case in the beginning. ​

When you start doing it, you'll feel a physical sensation in your body that will happen the first few times until you've adjusted to the feeling and energy. ​

When you do the meditation do it all the way through do not start it and then stop it. if you do not do it all the way through you will throw your chakra out of balance and the chakra that you cleaned up will just go back to being out of balance again so do it all the way thru from start to finish. ​

It is best to do it about an hour or so before bed, we have 4 bodies, a physical body, an energetic body, a vibrational body, and the chakric body( the chakra) when you do the meditation the bodies have to catch up and align it can be really uncomfortable, if you do the meditation before bed you won't feel the bodies aligning. it's also good for processing the stuff you worked on in the meditation, whatever core emotions and experiences associated with the chakra, some stuff is harder to process than others so it is just easier to process while sleeping. you should wake up the next day feeling aligned and balanced.​

It may take a few weeks before you feel balanced out. I do promise if you do the meditation, you'll feel better and will feel more balanced after the process. it's good to do it as maintenance once a week or once every few weeks. I do it once a week. the meditation is 48 minutes long.​

Each chakra is a five-minute clip so if you need to work one chakra more than once you can just hit repeat on that one chakra clip.​

Order of Meditation​




Solar Plexus​







Chakra Breakdown​

I would like to explain what the chakra are and how they work.​

the chakra are pools of spiraling energy that flows through your body. life is messy and those energies tend to get blocked by emotion, so the chakra energies become blocked and can not flow.​

If we open the chakras, the energy flows then energy becomes balanced.​

If you want a balanced life you must first find balance within yourself, this then will bring balance into your life.​

there are 7 chakras that go up through the body.​

each pool of energy has a purpose and can be blocked by a specific kind of emotional muck.​

opening the chakra is an intense experience once you start you cannot stop until all the chakra is open and flowing freely.​

now like you to focus on your chakra we will go through them one by one focusing on opening each chakra individually. ​

I want to open up with some information that you will find helpful, I am going to explain the chakra before we do the meditations, so you know what to focus on.​

The chakra is a sacred element in Hindu tradition. For thousands of years, people have been using chakra as a way to relate to themselves and the universe.​

On the body, there are seven points to the chakra. each point represents the place where the chakra is and how it relates to us, not just on a physical level but a spiritual one as well.​

Chakra is an energy channel in which the energy of the chakra is connected to one another and the universe. the chakra also carries life force. With awaken chakra people become aware of their extrasensory function.​

The chakra is broken up into two categories; the upper chakra moves in a clockwise motion​

and the lower chakra moves in a counterclockwise motion.​

It is said that all the upper chakra is where the psychic abilities and kundalini energy are stored.​

The upper chakra is basically your spiritual connection to the universe as opposed to the lower chakra being connected to the body and the earth.​

If the chakra energy is flowing right, the body and spirit flow completely and are both healthy.​

It is when the chakra is out of balance you have such symptoms as eating disorders, isolation, depression, insecurity, and co-dependence.​

I will provide a short definition of what the chakra represents and its colors.​

The first chakra is Muladhara (the root chakra)​

This chakra Represents Survival​

Location: Base of the Spine​

Color: Red​

This chakras element is the Earth, ​

This chakra deals with Survival and is blocked by Fear​

The motivation of this chakra is survival; problems with this chakra are eating disorders and insomnia.​

This chakra is close to the ground and represents your basic connection to the earth. This chakra is what compels you to eat and sleep. When the chakra is dominated people become self-absorbed and only think about themselves.​

The second chakra is Svadhisthara (the sex chakra)​

This chakra represents: Intimacy​

Location: Gentiles​

Color: Orange​

This chakras element is Water ​

This chakra is Pleasure blocked by Guilt and Self-blame​

The motivation for this chakra is sex.​

Problems with this chakra are body image issues and sexual obsession.​

This chakra has to do with relationships.​

Allowing oneself to get close to others as well as how a relationship operates.​

This chakra has to do with reproduction but not highlight of this chakra​

The third chakra is Manipura (the power chakra) ​

Solar Plexus​

Represents: Independence​

Located: Your Abdomen, above your belly button.​

Color: Yellow​

This chakras Element is Fire ​

This chakra is your Will Power it is blocked by Shame, Disappointment, and Anger.​

The motivation for this chakra is relationships and knowledge.​

How one perceives knowledge as well as understanding knowledge.​

The relationship aspect of this chakra provides one with a healthy idea of what a healthy relationship is.​

The problems with this chakra are insecurity and co-dependence.​

Willpower and independence are the core of this chakra.​

This chakra gives us the ability to connect with others and show compassion.​

The fourth chakra is Anahata (the heart chakra)​

Represents: Love​

Location: Heart​

Color: Green​

Love Blocked by Grief​

The motivation for this chakra is love and compassion.​

This chakra is your empathy chakra,​

giving you the ability to relate to someone's feelings and feel them happiness; sadness etc.​

This chakra allows us to be moved by love.​

The problem with this chakra is depression and isolation causing you to pull away from others.​

Depression from this chakra may have you feeling as though you are not loved.​

The depression sets in and you may isolate yourself from those around you.​

The fifth chakra is Vishuddha (the mind chakra)​

Represents: Awareness​

Location: Throat​

Color: Sky Blue​

Element: Air​

Truth Blocked by Lies and Denial​

The motivation of this chakra is connection and understanding.​

This chakra is about understanding that you are actually part of the universe and​

that everything is interwoven.​

It is knowing that you are in fact connected to the universe.​

This chakra may have you asking exactly where that place is.​

Understanding this is focusing on the chakra in meditation and opening up yourself up to receive the answer.​

The problem with this chakra is faithlessness and disconnectedness.​

When this chakra is out of balance, you lack the faith to see yourself as an integral part of the universe.​

It also causes you to feel as though you are disconnected from everything around you​

including people and your place in the universe.​

The sixth chakra is Ajna (the third eye)​

Represents: Wisdom​

Location: Between the Eyebrows​

Color: Indigo​

Insight Blocked by Illusion​

The motivation of this chakra is enlightenment and opening up psychic abilities.​

This chakra is a direct link to your inner gifts.​

Someone who operates in this chakra is aware of their place in the universe and is firmly planted there, as well as being open to universal wisdom.​

It is said that it operates on the side of the brain that is creative but also the side of the brain that allows us to open up our psychic abilities.​

The problems with this chakra are self-identity problems not knowing who you are or your place in the universe.​

But when you operate in this chakra these problems seem to not be a problem; because you are open to the universe seeking wisdom and open to enlightenment.​

The seventh chakra is Sahasrara (the crown chakra)​

Represents: Enlightenment​

Location: Top of the Head​

Color: Violet​

This is the Thought chakra, Control, and Awareness, Pure Cosmic Energy blocked by Earthly Attachment​

​This chakra has no motivation; its sole purpose is to be open to the Creator and the universe.​

This chakra is one of enlightenment. Once it is open and receiving enlightenment, it has done its job.​

This is the highest chakra there is.​

This is the place that most people strive to be.​

This chakra connects to nirvana; it is the ultimate understanding of the universe and one's place in it.​

When a person has come full circle with this chakra would have the ability to heal others as well as self.​

This chakra most reflects true enlightenment.​

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