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House Blessings

Sage Bundle and Abalone Shell Used in House Cleansing

Due to Covid 19, I am not doing house cleansings in person. I will send a box with all the things you will need along with instructions on how to use everything. The cost will be 50.00+5.00 Shipping

I offer house cleansing, sealing and blessings.

The cleansing is done with Sage, Rosemary, Lavender and Dragons Blood.

I will explain what each herb is used for in the cleansing.

The sealing is done with EVO Oil and Black Hawaiian Sea Salt.

and ends with a Jewish house blessing.

I offer Do It Yourself House Cleansing and Blessings.

Please do not pay for a Cleansing package until you have spoken to me. 

A house cleansing is a way of removing negative energy and entities from your residence or property. The sealing is for protection and ensures that negative energy does not and can not return. Your homes is sealed energetically. The blessing invites positive energy into the space. The crystals keep your residence or property cleansed, balanced and protected. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

The cost of the house Blessing is 70.00 USD.

I supply all the herbs, oil, and salt.

To schedule an appointment for a house blessing you can fill out the form below or go to the contact page for my phone number to speak directly to me.

I accept cash payment or payment thru the website.

If you are paying thru the website please wait until the scheduled day of the house blessing to pay.

Do it yourself House Cleansing, Sealing and Blessing Packages.

The Incantations are original and were created by Stefanie.

Package 1 includes Cleansing instructions and Incantations (includes Incantations, what herbs you will need and instructions on how to use everything.) Will be sent by email 25.00 USD

Package 2 Cleansing Packet (includes herbs, oil, salt, incantations, and instructions on how to use everything) 40.00 USD

50.00 Herbs etc + 5.00 Shipping

Please do not pay for a Cleansing package until you have spoken to me.

House Cleansing Package 2 40.00 US 

50.00 Herbs etc.+ 5.00 Shipping US

Herbs, Incantations, Instructions

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Fill out the form below to contact me about this service.


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