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Protection, Cleansing, and Sealing Boxes for Your Home.

Cleansing and Sealing your home is a good way of removing negative energy from your residence or property. 

The sealing is for protection and ensures that negative energy does not and can not return. 

The crystals create an energy grid, that keeps your residence or property cleansed, balanced, and protected. 

 Your home is energetically protected and sealed. 

These boxes are to be used for cleansing energy and protecting the home and property ONLY. 

These boxes are NOT for removing entities due to the fact that they may agitate what's there. 

Boxes come with everything you will need. 

The protection boxes come with protection powders, oil, and crystals.

The cleansing boxes come with herbs, charcoal, oil, and crystals. 

Both boxes come with Incantations and Directions.

Every tool I provide has been charged so there is no need to do that. 

If you have any questions or need anything please feel free to reach out. 

Boxes Can be picked up for those that are local, I am located in Renton.


If you are out of state we can make arrangments

However, there will be a shipping charge.

Box Prices




Box Contents

Cleansing Sealing Boxes

(Herbs Etc)





Dragons Blood

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

EV Olive Oil

Protection Box Powders

(Powders that come in the Protection Box)

Dragons Blood

Red Brick Dust

Hot Foot Powder

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

(Both Boxes Include Crystals.) 

They are Listed at the Bottom of the Page.


(for burning herbs) is included in the box.

Incantations and Instruction

(for Cleansing. Sealing. Blessing, and Protection)

Herbs, Powders, and Oil.

Lavender: uses of lavender flowers include love, protection, healing, purification, and peace.

Rosemary: Protection, Purification, Healing, and removing negativity.

Sage: white sage is believed to keep away evil spirits and negative energies. Provides purification and protection and is good for banishing, and consecration.

Dragons Blood: Dragon's Blood resin is used for power, purification, protection, consecration, and ritual energy. It has strong banishing powers against negative influences and bad habits.

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt: Traditionally black salt is used as a sprinkling salt for jinx removal, protection, and to keep away evil and negative forces.

Red Brick Dust

Red brick dust is said to create a powerful psychic barrier that nothing harmful can cross. It derives from the ancient use of red ochre clay for sacred purposes

It is used by practitioners as a measure of protection to keep those inside protected from that outside which brings negative energies either consciously or unknowingly to the property. It is effective in deflecting/reversing hexes/curses, protecting homes from negative energy and intention, and protecting businesses from thieves. It is also an effective agent of prosperity.

Hot Foot Powder

What Hot Foot Powder consists of:

Red pepper flakes – To work as an irritant.

Tip: You can increase the strength of the magic by using cayenne pepper, but expect this to lead to a more dramatic exit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Black pepper – For banishing and repelling.

Salt – To purify the person right out of your life.

There are two other ingredients that are optional but found in many traditional recipes:

Ground Black Mustard Seed – To cause confusion.

This may help in situations where the person seems firmly lodged in place, like trying to get rid of a nasty neighbor. But, in simpler situations, it may actually cause the spell to take longer than necessary because the person will be unable to make up their mind.

Sulfur – Causes jinxes and adds volatility.

This will dramatically increase the potency of the powder but may result in a lot of “drama” while the person is in the process of leaving.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Has an ancient history and is often seen used in oils meant to help in blessings and anointings. It is considered a yielding illuminating oil used as anointing and is said to carry the power of the Spirit of God. In Judaism, only olive oil may be used for the Sabbath lamp.

Crystals for Your House

Cleansing Crystals

Amethyst Tranquility and Balance.

Rose Quartz Love and Healing.

Protection Crystals (are also used with cleansing)

Selenite Protection, Calm, and Peace.

Citrine Light Energy, Protection, and Balance (Known as the Sunstone believed to carry light from the sun)

Black Tourmaline Protection and Grounding.

Payment will be made before the scheduled pick-up time. 

(The same day we make the appointment.)

Payment will be made through the website on the payments page.

You can reschedule a pickup date if you need to, 

however, I will not refund you if you change your mind. 

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