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The Power of Vulnerability
The Gifts of Imperfection

A friend introduced me to Brene's work and it changed my life. 
Through Brene's discovery and work, 
she found the root issue of what we all suffer from. 
 I did the work  because I wanted my life to change
 I wanted to be whole.
 Doing this work helped me achieve that. 
I am now whole and healed.
I listened to The Power of Vulnerability 
and did Brene's eclass on 
its called The Gifts of Imperfection. 
that work was amazing as well.
 I recommend that you listen to the power of vulnerability
 and then do the eclass on 
I did both things. 
The end result was my wholeness and healing.
I hope that you find the same healing and wholeness I found.
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